pricing & process

so, how much is a st. louis treehouse?

Play Platform

Starting at $3,000 +

Play Platform + cabin

Starting at $6,500 +

Add Even More Fun!

rock walls
plank bridges
 Project Options Price Per Unit
Treehouse Style (per sqft) Open Air  $30.00
Roofed  $40.00
Enclosed - Cabin $80.00
Ground Level Platform $15.00
Treehouse Height (per ft) Up To Six Ft. $50.00
Seven To Ten Ft. $100.00
Eleven Ft. And Higher $150.00
Entrance/Exit (per ft) Wooden Ladder $20.00
Rope Ladder $25.00
Stair Case $150.00
Fireman's Pole $20.00
Zipline (per ft) Zipline Cable $5.00
Zipline Hardware (per zipline) $400.00
Swings (per unit) Plastic Swing $150.00
Tire Swing $250.00
Slide (per ft) Molded Plastic $100.00
Hand Built $100.00
Suspended Bars (per unit) Monkey Bars $30.00
Trapeze Bar $150.00
Netting (per sqft) Cargo Net $15.00
Bridge Net $1.00
Bridges (per ft) Chain Bridge <30' $60.00
Cable Bridge  >31' $100.00
Climbing Wall (per sqft) Up To Six Ft. $20.00
Seven To Ten Ft. $30.00
Eleven Ft. And Over $40.00
Rope & Pulley (per ft) $/FT $3.00
Windows (per unit) Two Ft. Window $150.00
Three Ft. Window $175.00
Doors (per unit) Steel, Exterior Door $1,000.00
Basic, Hand Built Door $300.00
Dutch Door $400.00
Trap Door $200.00
Benches/Beds (per sqft) Wooden Bench $10.00
Stow Away Bed Frames $30.00
Standalone Tree Swing (per unit) Rope & Wooden Seat $450.00
Rope & Plastic Seat $350.00
Chain & Plastic Seat $300.00
Misc. Fees (per hour) Consultation/Sketch Fee $127.00
Professional Engineering Fees $317.00

frequently asked questions

Ballpark numbers for a St. Louis Treehouse project are:

  • Two hours for planning, design, and sketching
  • 10 minutes per square foot of floor space
  • 1 hour per basic accessory
  • 2 hours per 10ft of ladder
  • 1 hour per step of staircase
  • ~1 day per $2,000 or project cost

Please call us today at 314.614.9317 to schedule an on-site consultation. 

The average cost of a St. Louis Treehouse ranges between $3,000 and $8,000 and up, based on your budget and desires.

  • $80+/SF for an enclosed tree house using new materials
  • $30+/SF or less for a simple design using basic or recycled materials
  • $20+/SF additional for premium materials
  • $10+/SF additional for designs with exceptional detail

Please call us today at 314.614.9317 to schedule an on-site consultation. 

All estimated costs are approximate and subject to change without notice.

No. Typically, St. Louis Treehouse handles any limb that requires removal for proper construction.

To learn more, please call us today at 314.614.9317 to schedule an on-site consultation. 

St. Louis Treehouse proudly serves St. Louis and Midwest Missouri. Our typical service area is within a 30-mile radius of St. Louis. Will travel further for an additional fee.

Please call us today at 314.614.9317 to schedule an on-site consultation. 

Yes, St. Louis Treehouse is Insured. In the rare case of any accidental damages, our policy is to resolve the issue in a fair and professional manner. Insurance certificates are available at your request. We take responsibility for any errors and also take great pride in our work.

The likely answer is “yes.” Homeowner’s insurance covers these exterior structures just as they do sheds or garages in nearly all instances. For example, during one project we had to change a ladder to a staircase in order for the insurance company to cover it, but this happens rarely.

It is wise, of course, with any new construction to look at current coverage and make sure that your policy limits and the amount allocated for exterior structures are adequate for your new needs.

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